Melbourne Newborn Photographer: Maternity

Sarah’s Maternity session is one of my favourite sessions ever. This image captures all I feel about being pregnant. That waiting, wondering, wishing and hoping for a beautiful, healthy Newborn. Towards the end, everything gets so uncomfortable, but it’s not until you hold that amazing newborn in your arms that you can really grasp exactly how incredible pregnancy is. The wonderment and waiting is surpassed with such an overwhelming feeling of pride and love and a new fierce need to protect with everything you have.

Too quickly, time flies and the memories of discomfort during pregnancy fade and you remember that bump with such joy. Such a precious time that seemed to go on forever, but really was over in the blink of an eye.

Newborn babies grow too quickly too, so documenting this entire period is truly a wonderful thing to have. I love having the memories of my pregnancy documented and having my newborn pictures just as much.


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