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Baby Photos: Baby Ashton

I welcomed baby Ashton to Studio Create today and his delightful parents Tanya and Jack.  Sometimes I get emails that make me smile. Really smile.   Ashton’s Nana had written to me a few months before he arrived to let me know just how excited she was to the fact that she was going to…

Baby Photos: Baby Indily

Sweet Baby Indily came to visit me for her baby photos at Studio Create today. She was such an amazing sleeper. Arriving at the studio, she was already asleep. She had a little feed and then promptly went back to sleep and stayed that way for most of her Baby Photos session. Such a good…

Baby Photos: Baby Isabelle

Sweet, premature, baby Isabelle came to visit Studio Create today for her Baby Photos. What a feisty little girl. She really gave me a run for my money today! It was so delightful to hold a preemie again though, it’s been too way too long. Really.  I forgot how small they are and she is…

Newborn Photos: Baby Annabel

Some days are just great. You know, finish a task and you are just full of joy. Photographing babies is not just a task though, it is sometimes an enormous labour of love. Of uncurling fingers, dealing with wee and poo and more poo and a little bit more, in your favourite new outfit, with…

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  • betsy lilleyJuly 25, 2015 - 2:09 pm

    these are just adorable!!! GrannyB

Baby Photos: Baby Emilia

Teeny, tiny, and sweet as pie. Little Emilia came to visit Studio Create today. What a little sweetpea, but my goodness, she certainly knows how to POO!!!! Bahahahahahha. We had lots of fun with her explosions and she christened my new little daisy outfit well and truly!!!!!! You wouldn’t know it from these photos, as…

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  • MaryJuly 17, 2015 - 10:14 pm

    Oh she is just precious Tracey. Beautiful x

Baby Photography : Baby Hudson

  I photographed sweet baby Hudson in Mama’s belly just a few short weeks ago. Remember this bump??? Well, here he is. Day 15 and a feisty little man. He gave me a run for my money for part of the session, but as always, I usually win out and he conceded defeat and slept…

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  • AnnetteJuly 10, 2015 - 3:56 pm

    Your work is breathtakingly gorgeous! You are so patient and I am so in love! I can not wait to get our copies and have them displayed on our wall 🙂
    Thankyou again Tracey 🙂 xx