Cake Smash: Casey turns ONE

I have had the pleasure of photographing sweet little Casey every couple of months for the whole of this first year of her life. It has been such an honor to watch her grow from this sweet little bubba to the robust little chubby, giggly, smiley girl she is as she turns ONE. What a pleasure it’s been Casey to watch you grow. xxx cake smash01

Newborn shoot


3 months


5 months


7 months

cake smash02

AND ONE!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

cake smash03

I AM ONE!!!!!  (loving the drool hanging from her mouth on this one!!!) CAKE SMASH Beads by Pumpkin Patch

cake smash04Cake Smash fun. Headband by Princess and the Pea Props 
cake smash01I love doing the ONE year old cake smash sessions. So much cake, so much cake smashing, so much fun, so much dribble, so much icing, so much MESS!!!! Woo HOO CAKES SMASH!!!!!! Turning one is a huge milestone and the cake smash is the Celebration of this first year! It is a year of firsts for baby and for parents especially if it’s your first bubba. You see how much every day they grow, learn, develop and come out with things you cannot imagine how they could have known that? They are cheeky, and silly and giggly and everyday is a new day to learn something new, exciting and fun!

Parents also have to learn new stuff. Patience, sleep deprivation, boundaries, what food do I give them, what can’t I give them, when can I give them?? All the uncertainties, and yet here we are at ONE year and everyone MADE it!!!! Mummy, Daddy and bubba xxx

The cake smash sessions really are a celebration of all that fun about that first year! The accomplishment and celebration of a WHOLE YEAR! And a celebration of what is to come! Many more years of inquisitiveness, exploration, sleepless nights, more teeth, immunisations, laughter, joy, reward, new words, funny words, cartoons, drawings, playdates, playgrounds, bumped knees, grazes, kinder, school, first dates, graduation, and all of the joy life can bring.

Casey, Happy Birthday sweet girl, may the world treat you well, WELL DONE Little one, You made it through your first year!!!!!!