Baby Photos Melbourne: Baby Jack

Sweet little Jack came to visit me at 3 weeks of age for his newborn baby photos. His doting brothers RJ and Patrick just love him to bits.  I just know they will teach him lots of mischief for years to come.  He was such a good little sleeping baby for his session.  I photograph all my babies around the 3 week mark, it seems to be the magic age when they have learnt to feed properly and sleep deeply. Plus, it’s past that first growth spurt where they can be quite unsettled!!!!

Baby Photos Melbourne 01Baby Photos Melbourne 12


Jack looked so damn relaxed here,kicking back in deep slumber!

Flooring by Lemon Drop Stops

Baby Photos Melbourne 11

This little chair is fast becoming one of my most favourite props. All props are supplied for your use in my studio when you have your Baby Photos taken with Studio Create.

Chair by Posing Pod

Hat and Giraffe by Tiddle Skiddles

Baby Photos Melbourne 10

Little sleepy head

Outfit by me

Baby Photos Blanket by A Little Life Fabric and Props

Baby Photos Bowl: Bec’s Prop Shop 

Baby Photos Melbourne 09Baby Photos Melbourne 08Baby Photos Melbourne 07Baby Photos Melbourne 06Baby Photos Melbourne 05Baby Photos Melbourne 04Baby Photos Melbourne 03

I just love how little Patrick is tenderly touching his sweet new baby brother.

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  • LindsaySeptember 12, 2016 - 11:01 pm

    These are such great baby photos. I really love the last shot. What a beautiful family. Melbourne is really lucky to have you a newborn photographer!

  • Krystal SandefurSeptember 13, 2016 - 3:10 am

    Sweet Jack!! You did a wonderful job, he looks so calm and peaceful. Great job styling his session!